6.30 pm

6.30 pm

Postby jedmarshall » 17 Nov 2014, 21:42


This venue is a brilliant big space with more tech than you can shake a stick out. Bar on the way in, we only performed here for a week in the middle of the run so it was a tough sell for us. The owner was brilliant.


This is a big space, but not too big to fill, it always felt intimate enough to connect with the audience.


Absolutely fantastic, owner was very helpful.


For such a short run it was difficult to build up a following, we picked up this slot as someone dropped out and we attempted to move the small following we gained at The George Next Door from the first week to here. We found Grassmarket to be the best place to flyer, but only really picked this up about 5 shows in (by which time we only had 2 shows left)


High of 30, low of 8.


Not much. £10-20 a show.


The place is normally a night club so you can a massive light rig and a brilliant sound board. It seemed odd that it was virtually all comedy here as the stage seems perfect for theatre, free fringe theatre always seems to be held back by limited tech and the tech on offer here seemed too much for most comedians needs.


Brilliant, introduced to us on the first day. Gave loads of help and advice.
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