The Exeter Revue: Sketchy At Best (2.10pm)

The Exeter Revue: Sketchy At Best (2.10pm)

Postby Oliver_Gilford » 20 Dec 2014, 17:36

This was our first year at the fringe and we certainly didn't regret going with PBH. Working with the other great shows at Ciao Roma was a delight and overall we thought the venue was great. We would definitely love to performer there again in the same time slot as it worked really well for us. Some particular things to mention are below.


The room had a nice intimate feel and was sensibly laid out. As a sketch group, we found the door at the back to be very useful for entrances and exits and for getting round to the front of the room in secret as one of our sketches demanded. As has been mentioned in other reports the lighting was not entirely helpful in creating a mood but simple LED lights (as Short & Curly used) rectify this easily. The layout of the room was good and there was plenty of storage at the back which was helpful. The location of the venue is superb and very handy for getting people into the show at the last minute. This is also helped by people entering and leaving the restaurant (which does great food by the way). One thing to mention is that the shape of the room means that people at the back tended to to have trouble seeing anything happening below waist height (e.g. people sitting down) but we soon made changes to sketches where we were sitting down to accomodate this.


The staff largely kept out of the performers' way which was respectful but equally were on hand if anyone needed any help with anything. They replaced lightbulbs in the basement for example and had the music from the kitchen (which was through the back door of the basement) turned down as it could be heard during performances.


As we were a team of 7 flyering for several hours before the show and outside the venue for 30 minutes before it, we had a full room almost every day of the full run which was great. Some days we had to get extra chairs into the room due to high demand and there were a few days where it wasn't full but it never seemed to dip below 40 or so. We think the post-lunch slot suited our type of show really well.


As mentioned, the lighting is not perfect but simple lights can solve this. As Short & Curly suggested, perhaps investment in a light would help, or failing that I would advise performers there to bring their own if possible. The sound worked find except for the odd day where the auxillary cable was unreliable but if everyone has their own then that shouldn't be an issue in the future.
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