Show Report - Luke

Show Report - Luke

Postby LukeGraves » 06 Nov 2014, 14:30

My show was 4.35

A separate downstairs room in an Italian restaurant. Equal distance from the royal mile, pleasance court yard, Bristo Square (all under 5 minutes walk). Great room that seems to suit all shows and seats about 50 but its easy to make it feel okay if you have a smaller crowd in.

Amazing, friendly and happy but they are they to work and not to answer questions about things that have nothing to do with them. i.e. posters/flyers/why people are not laughing.

A few posters in the venue, I tried this year to create some better advertising on the stairwell that had its faults but I know what to change to make it better this year, so all shows at the venue with posters will get a good deal of space. Upstairs there is a place for fliers and posters for venue only but I had a daily battle with people wanting to put up other venues posters (mainly from paid shows) again next year we have ideas to stop that happening. If you get this venue please have posters and fliers.

Audience numbers
I did every day of the festival and did not pull one show, this is not to say that I was full but over all I have very good numbers and when I didn’t I still had a gig.

Microphone and PA more then enough to deal with the room. Although next year we need to do something with the lighting. This is not a PBH problem it is whoever is performing problem but solved by us all chipping in.

There is nowhere for people to queue and if the weather is bad outside (in Scotland) this is a slight problem, solved mainly by shows helping each other out by not over running and making sure that they leave the room tidy and ready for the next show. You can queue x amount of people on the stairs which will help a little. Lack of storage but I believe that we solved that and will do again this year but if you are a show with props that you don’t want beer on, you may have to take them home.

Overall it is a great venue and I look forward to going back next year.
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