VENUE REPORT Ciao Roma 1300 - Tight Six Comedy Showcase

VENUE REPORT Ciao Roma 1300 - Tight Six Comedy Showcase

Postby SteveMclean » 29 Aug 2014, 21:32

We are over the moon with our first stab at the fringe and we couldn't have asked for a better venue.

Ciao Roma is fantastic. The staff were very helpful and the owner (Franco) is a great chap. There's decent passing trade and it's easy to find for punters.

The room set up was decent (holding around 50) but it may be better if it was set up facing the other way, with access to the toilets at the far end of room rather than next to the stage. We were offered a great discount on food and we ate their a few times, on our last visit the staff played a cracking practical joke on me, they really are a great lot.

Our venue captain Luke Graves was excellent. Any issues we had, he sorted them... He did a great job on the posters in the hall way and making sure that any 'stray' posters and flyers were kept under control.

Thank you Ciao Roma for making our first attempt such an excellent one.....

Steve, Harry, Faye and Graham.
The Tight Six Comedy Showcase.
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