11 Films to Happiness 9:35 Aidan Goatley

11 Films to Happiness 9:35 Aidan Goatley

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A busy Italian restaurant on South Bridge. Easily accessible to the Pleasance, Bristo Square and the Mile

A lovely room. Small and perfectly formed could hold around 50+ if rammed but didn't feel empty with only 8


Friendly but obviously more concerned with their jobs


A few posters up in the venue - Although some non Free Fringe flyers appeared from time to time, these were soon re-dispersed


Had variable numbers ranging from one night of only 8 to full houses. Averaged around 35 which was amazing. Had a couple of nights with some very drunk people. On both occasions I had to ask them to leave as they were disturbing the shows. The remaining audiences were grateful and the shows continued.


Had some good ones. As per usual the more you appeal the better the bucket. Entertain and they shall pay.


Standard mic and p.a. provided by The Free Fringe


It's a busy restaurant and the Ice cream is served to passers by through the door as well. The only time I had any interaction with staff was when trying to keep the entrance clear.


With one small entrance and a very busy restaurant it does make entry a little tricky. There's also no cover so people do tend to try and go downstairs before the other show has finished. Essential to be there at least 15 mins before the previous show kicks out to ensure they're not disturbed.

Storage was minmal so a space at the back of the room was created. A lot of the shows that were in the upstairs space required a lot of props and could only be stored downstairs.
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