All Made Up - This Time its Social

All Made Up - This Time its Social

Postby AllMadeUpImprov » 02 Sep 2014, 18:15

This was our first fringe and all in all it was a wonderful experience! Our host at the venue was John who was wonderful. We were in touch with him before reaching Edinburgh and although he didn't have the answer to all our questions he was always willing and happy to help.

On the first performance day we did have a few teething problems it was only twenty minutes before show time that we received the chairs but they did arrive at least. We were concerned about the lighting but John was extremely helpful, as was Kevin who was working on Deep Throat & who lent us some lights, which in the end we didn't use but he gave us his number and was on hand to help us novices.

All of Chalkys staff were also on hand to help, but they did not have a huge amount of information in relation to the set up. Thanks to Frank from PBH who provided the chairs and was generally very helpful. We would of loved WiFi access which would have been useful for our show in particular, but we found ways around it and our audience were willing to go outside to find Facebook statuses for us. Also it was disappointing that Chalkys couldn't serve alcohol. We lost a couple of audience members because of it and it was a shame that Chalkys couldn't earn more money from the free fringe.

Our attendance overall we were happy with. The lowest number was 9 and on our final day we reached 75!!! I would say on average however we reached 18 which filled the venue nicely. Again at our lowest we received a low £4 in our buckets!!!! But that was unusual the average bucket takings was around £20-£30. All in all the audiences we had were a joy! Very supportive and 'up for it'!

In summary the free fringe experience was great for us. We built a great relationship with John and his staff. They were extremely supportive of our show, in person and via social media. We had some great audiences and we are already plotting next years Edinburgh adventure!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Your report will be available for everybody to read, and that includes your venue and future Free Fringe applicants. So please be honest but positive. Do not complain that things were not provided that we never promised to provide. What you write is up to you, but you could mention your normal numbers, the extent of your buckets, the collaboration with management and with other acts at the venue, the things you had to find and any other relevant items.
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