Anti-Duhring Battalion

Anti-Duhring Battalion

Postby Anti-Duhring » 02 Nov 2014, 13:25

The Anti-Duhring Battalion Show at Chalky’s 3.15 to 4.15 August 2nd to August 23rd

The staff and owner were always very nice at Chalky's. It's a great venue but a tough one to get crowds into. Other acts succeeded but they were doing more than flyer-ing obviously because I don't think anyone flyer ed more than me and yet I still could not get the numbers. It really wasn't through lack of hard work and trying.

This was my first time at Edinburgh. I only found out two weeks before that I was going to be doing it. So it was a rush to find accommodation, print flyers, business cards etc. I didn’t think there would be much chance I would get the show in the program as it was such a last minute arrangement.

I arrived at Chalky’s and pleased to see that Anti-Duhring Battalion was on the poster outside. Even more surprised to be told that the show featured in the program with the blurb and the photo even though I was a very last minute addition.

I could see that the venue was quite far from the rest of the Free Fringe so I knew I would have a bit of a job on my hands getting people in.

My average day would begin at 12.15 when I would start flyering on Princes Street near the Half Price Hut where all the tourists gather. I used the PBH program (The Wee Blue Book) with the map on the back to direct people to the venue I had a small wheeled suitcase with a stack of programs and leaflets, unfortunately I overloaded it and broke the case but I would certainly recommend using one of these to transport the programs around. That way you leave your hands free.

Numbers were always thin on the ground despite the fact that I would be flyering every spare moment of the day. I realised by watching the decent size audiences that other acts were bringing into those places that flyering was not the way to pull them in. Next time I will need to research all the other avenues of marketing through social media etc to pull in a good sized audiences.

I learned so much through this run and can't wait to do it all over again but I would preferably do it in another location next time.
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