7.15pm Carey Marx: Abominable

7.15pm Carey Marx: Abominable

Postby careymarx » 21 Sep 2014, 23:43

I thoroughly enjoyed performing on the PBH Free Fringe and had a great time at this venue. The staff were friendly, helpful, and good company. Over the festival I went from crap and apologetic at the bucket speech to humorous and fierce. It's sad though that people won't pay more for crap and apologetic.

I flyered for myself up until the last week when I had one flyerer for an hour before the show. I think it's good for an act to do some flyering of their own show as it helps you realise a pitch, and therefore which angles attract punters. Although, a great deal of the time I just shouted inane bollocks.

The only negative for me with this venue is the heat. The halogen bulbs in the middle of the room and at the front are on the same system, so it's all or nothing unless you have time to remove and replace bulbs before and after the show. They light the audience too much and they really burn on stage. This is a particular problem for me 'cos I'm a snowman at heart and I melt.
It would be great to see LED bulbs instead though I think they might be expensive.

It is a shame the back doors can't be opened between shows because of complaints from a resident, but I think she should be shot. This is my main recommendation for this venue. Murder the resident.

But, overall, a lovely fun festival.
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