Prufrock and Me 13.15

Prufrock and Me 13.15

Postby dave williams » 29 Aug 2014, 12:16

Having appeared here many times as a stand-up on PBH and Some Comedians I loved the venue and was delighted to be doing my spoken word show here. The staff all seem on board with the Free Fringe and were supportive throughout.

The room is one that works even if well short of capacity. I was doing quite a 'niche' show that was never going to attract lots of casual punters coming in because it was raining or because it wasn't quite time to eat. That said, people found the show every day, both through my flyering and through the programmes. The Royal Mile location makes it very easy to direct people, and the availability of good food is another useful incentive, particularly for daytime shows.

Room management is aided by the chain that goes across the staircase. Heat in the room is of course a problem, as there is no through draught - the back door can't be opened due to neighbours' sensitivity to noise. I was performing without the mic and still found that the fans in the room were ok sound-wise.

My only slight problem was with changeover times. I think 10 minutes is insufficient and can't see why there isn't a 15-minute get-out/get-in between all shows rather than just some. The show before me regularly over-ran by 5 minutes, and regularly apologised, and because they were (deservedly) playing to good numbers it took time to clear the room. I was setting up a projector etc in about 3 hurried minutes and starting on average 5-7 minutes late. Fortunately my show settled into a running time nearer 50 mins rather than my allocated 55, so the delay wasn't passed on.

Overall I felt very pleased with a show that really touched people and got heartfelt personal feedback every day. My bucket takings more than paid for my lavish Fringe lifestyle (I ate all the pies). Whether a niche spoken word show belongs in what is otherwise a comedy venue is a question for the programmers. I felt it worked well.

Many thanks again to all at the venue for making me feel welcome and keeping everything in place for a successful run. And it was a genuine privilege to be part of PBH's Free Fringe. Thatnks to Peter and Paul B and everyone who made it happen.
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