3:40pm: Gareth Morinan

3:40pm: Gareth Morinan

Postby gareth morinan » 28 Aug 2014, 18:59

The Canons' Gait is a fantastic venue. Very easy for people to find. I mostly flyered (or paid someone to flyer) on the Royal Mile, and it's just one straight walk from there to the venue. Paying someone to do one hour flyering on the Royal Mile before the show always paid for itself.

The staff were very friendly, anything I ever asked for they were more than happy to help with.

There's a chain that can go over the entrance to the room, which is incredibly useful as you can put it up and stop the audience coming in while you set up. It's amazing how much people respect a chain.

The room gets quite hot, which is partly down to there being lot of ceiling lights which have to all be on as they're on the same circuit. But there were a few fans around the room, which I normally left on, and they didn't cause too much noise.

All in all a great venue with great staff.
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