16:55 Just Deserts Presents: Waiting for Leo's Oscar

16:55 Just Deserts Presents: Waiting for Leo's Oscar

Postby anna_rowntree » 16 Jan 2015, 17:03

This was our first trip to Edinburgh and we had a really positive Fringe, thanks in no small part to Canons’ Gait.

The venue is perfect for comedy performance: with a small stage in the basement and seating for about 50 people, the venue is friendly whilst still able to hold large audiences. Its location on the Mile and as a Free Fringe hub ensured that we never had difficulty getting audiences in for all of our shows- we never had fewer than half capacity, and some days we were standing room only. We found that a couple of hours of flyering each day was sufficient. Moreover, we found our bucket contributions to be generous.

The staff at Canon’s Gait were extremely helpful, providing us with all the support we needed. Equally, the tech set up was perfectly adequate for our needs. We enjoyed working with the other acts on either side of our performance time, and enjoyed being part of the Free Fringe community.

Space wise, we found the performance area to be a little small. As a large sketch comedy group, we struggled occasionally to adapt to the compact stage, which was spread across 2 different levels- the venue doesn't lend itself to prop heavy shows. Having said that however, we were able to get around this by exploiting as much of the floor in front of the stage as possible. The room had problems with overheating, and in the (frequent) case of precipitation the humidity caused the wood of the door to swell, which caused it to creak terribly at the slightest touch.

All in all, however, we loved performing in the Canons’ Gait, and if given the choice, would love to perform there again.
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