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Cafe Camino is a large, open, well lit space, near John Lewis shopping centre.

The performance space is in a big room away from the main cafe area.

there is no problem with noise bleed - it is excellently quiet. You can have dramatic silences in your show and they will really work here.

The staff are fantastic. Fantastic. The manager, Fran, and every single one of the staff there could not be more friendly, helpful and supportive.

There is a backstage area you can store stuff in - but it is not locked or secure - the staff are very honest and upfront about this, so its fine for storing flyers and inexpensive props but nothing of financial value should be left there. but the storage area is quite big, so other shows were able to have quite elaborate sets for a free fringe show and get them in and out quite easily, it seemed (my show had a small set, but it was still great to store it there)

It is fairly central but when flyering on royal mile some folks don't know where it is. i found there is enough foot traffic near the venue to focus flyering close to the venue though.

It is perfect for kids and family shows.

The other PBH acts on at cafe camino were a real community, seeing each other's shows, helping, giving encouragement - dead nice.

the food and drink is reasonably priced and tasty. they have soya milk for hot drinks so for a vegan like me that's great.

the general customers are aware it is the fringe and generally interested in what is going on.

there is nice space for posters in the venue to go up and that alone is a good marketing thing - customers do look at them.

i loved being in cafe camino. it is my second year there and i think it is just wonderful. a great experience at a great venue.
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