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Three Coins
Full Run at 7:30

Audience sizes were down on previous years, however others around the city reported similar, so I assume this was simply a slightly quieter Fringe than previously – in 50 years its going to happen once! But regardless, numbers were always above the Fringe average and we did get decent audiences on many days.

Takings were slightly down for this, but still takings were good, linked in with a slightly smaller audience. Over the course of the Fringe we broke even on this show, and made a little on top. So considering that it is the Fringe, that is more than excellent.

I adore Café Camino and the staff. A special shout out to Nicky and to Fran for their support, Nicky especially was wonderful seeing him almost every day. Facilities were excellent, space excellent, I cant imagine a criticism of the space (such as came from several reviewers) being justified. It is one of the best spaces in the city and for theatre it provided the opportunity to take to a large stage. It was astounding as always and I truly hope to perform there again next year.

The Fringe is always going to be a mixed bag whether you play Free Fringe or take one of the paid venues. But the support from staff at Café Camino cannot be understated in its professionalism and general enthusiasm. The experience, though not as successful as previous years, was a good one and provided a learning curve- as every Fringe does for many people.

That the Free Fringe has this space is great because it provides performers with a chance to take to a good sized stage and the potential for a large audience.
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