18.20 Rory o hanlon

18.20 Rory o hanlon

Postby rohanloncomedy » 01 Nov 2014, 00:33

My show was on at 18.20 in the smaller of the two rooms , I really enjoyed the venue, its my second year doing shows here , I found the staff great ,
the room was brilliant only problem may have been signing directing audience into the correct rooms, which we all worked together to solve ,
but over all it was a great experience and a really good space to perform, I agree with luke ,one captain would be great ,it makes it easier to
work together ,I could also have done with more chairs ,my room was busy everyday and i was always running about looking for chairs, even if
we could have them in the store room that would be great.

Audiences -packed every day
buckets - very generous
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