15:50 - Quiz in my Pants

15:50 - Quiz in my Pants

Postby nicola.bolsover » 12 Oct 2014, 14:29

[b]15:50-16:50 - `Quiz in my Pants` - Cabaret Voltaire – Downstairs 1

[/b]The location of CabVol is perfect – it’s just off the Royal Mile, and next to Hunter Square, which attracts large crowds watching street performers. It’s relatively easy to encourage punters in, especially in the last half hour or so before the show starts.
CabVol is lovely, with a relaxed and modern atmosphere. It’s a cafe by day and a club by night, so there are always people going in and out. The staff are incredible, always happy and friendly, and this year they even sent out their own street team to flyer for all shows at CabVol, using our flyers or their own flyers which listed all our shows!

[b]Performance Area:
[/b]Downstairs 1 is the larger of the two rooms and comfortably seats around 80 people (although we frequently had numbers of around 100). CabVol had chairs we put out every day, plus there were benches around the walls of parts of the room, and two booths at the back.
The room is cave-like, with a high, vaulted ceiling. The performance area is raised so visibility is good for the audience, but I’d advise staging everything a little to stage right, as the audience to the left have slightly limited visibility. This is because there are steps next to the stage (stage right), which moves the centre of the stage to stage left. Just something to bear in mind!
There is some sound bleed from Downstairs 2, but there are ways of avoiding it: 1) one show actually taped a duvet over the doorway to the second room; 2) ask your audience to fill up from the front, as the sound bleed is worse at the back of the room.
There’s a decent area behind the two rooms which you can use as a green room and a space to leave bags, etc. The men’s toilets are also in this area but are not accessible to the audience (there are more men’s toilets upstairs).
The downstairs bar wasn’t always open so punters often need to get their drinks from the cafe upstairs.

QimP was entered in the official Fringe programme and the Free Fringe programme. I had no flyers this year and did no on-street promoting. I tweeted every day with the line-up about an hour and a half before the show, and CabVol's team promoted the show, but otherwise it was all down to reputation and word of mouth. I gave out badges that said "I quizzed in my pants..." at the end of each show, which may have helped advertise the show.

[b]Audience numbers:
[/b]It ranged from 40-120. The first week was quietest for me, and weekends were always busiest, often having to turn audience away because of a lack of seating space.

[b]Show Itself:[/b]
The show went really well. It’s QimP’s fifth year and definitely its best, in terms of its reception, reviews, audience numbers and bucket takings. As it’s a show with guests every day, there is often an inevitable no-show, which can throw a spanner in the works, but I have a way of finding an audience member to join in the fun! The audiences enjoyed themselves, for the most part, and we even have people coming back on other days to see the show again with different guests, which is a great thing to see!

We did really well with bucket takings, and I managed to break even for all my costs for the month, excepting food and drink. Audiences always seem happier to part with money when you’re open and honest about the bucket, and it’s always good to get a joke out of it. The badges helped a lot in getting money from people, as a thank you for their donations.

The room is usually used for live music so there is decent sound and lighting. The guys setting up the room this year were fantastic and I only once had a problem with the mic not working (which was easily sorted, it just needed to be turned up).

[b]Admin & Communication Process:[/b]
This was fine – no problems. Our Venue Captain, Michael Fabbri, was brilliant: no stresses, no problems and very chilled out!
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