18.20 Cracking Up

18.20 Cracking Up

Postby BenChampion » 14 Jan 2015, 13:06

As others have pointed out, Cabaret Voltaire is a great venue in a central location between the Royal Mile and Cowgate, two of the best roads for flyering. Most Edinburgh locals I spoke to had heard of it, and it’s easy to direct people to. Helpfully it has a storage room for flyers and posters.

I was in Room 1 which has a large raised stage area at one end, an arch over the ceiling about 1/3 of the way down, with more seating, including some comfy seats at the back and sides with small tables to put out drinks. It’s worth trying to encourage people to leave the comfy seats and come down to the front 3 or 4 rows if you can.

The staff were all lovely and helpful, and were actively promoting comedy at the venue with flyering teams handing out brochures listing of all the shows there.

I advertised by flyering every day myself, and I had a couple of friends out flyering the hour before my show. I also exit flyered the other shows I was performing in. I had some posters, but only put them up in the venue itself.

Audience numbers were generally great, some quieter days in the week, particularly in the first week, but up to 100 at the weekends with standing room only, and some big audiences on (random) weekdays as well.

Bucket takings were good – I think I averaged around £50 -£100 though I was selling CDs for £5 so that skews the figures (It’s a good way to generate income, but people don’t generally pay for the show as well as a CD).

The technical set up is great – there is a large club PA powered by amps in a room upstairs, lots of mics and mic stands, a small mixing desk with 4 (I think) mic inputs and the usual aux ins for ipods, laptops etc. We were all shown the set up by one of the club’s sound guys at the start of the run.

Admin and communication between staff and venue captains seemed great.

As others have said there can be confusion between Room 1 and 2 and I did end up asking one of my flyerers to come down and help direct the punters to the right room. Also, the venue captain for Room 2, the lovely Alastair Clarke (thank you Alastair!) did come down to do the same before my show, and I returned the favour for him after my show finished.

All in all it’s a great venue to be in: central, easy to find, well-equipped, helpful staff. Only negatives: potential confusion between rooms; setting and striking the chairs each day (actually not a big deal as it turned out)
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