Uneasy Alliance: Feeling Uneasy

Uneasy Alliance: Feeling Uneasy

Postby SimonSouth1 » 03 Feb 2015, 14:09

The Venue:

CC Blooms is a fantastic venue. I loved the atmosphere and the people that where there. Before Edinburgh I decided to visit to see it myself and was taken aback by how busy it was when I was there, and how well it was known!

Performance area:

The performance area when not being used for performances is full of mirrors which the venue covered with black curtains. Perfect for magic! the stage was a wonderful size, if anything just a tad too small and tall. There was a cable for easy access for music to be plugged in and if there were any issues the staff where always on hand to help out.

The staff:

The staff where incredible. genuinely lovely people who would do anything to help out. If i was missing a prop they'd do their best to search for it, or give me a replacement. They were the best staff I've ever worked with at any fringe venue I think. Plus they gave us a cheeky discount on food and drink!


All Tech requirements where met. There were microphones, and a great sound system to use!


Largely the audience responded well to the show. We were performing sketches that included side show stunts, which was completely unique and something they hadn't seen before. When we asked an audience if they enjoyed it I distinctly remember someone saying 'I think I did' which was the kind of response we were going for, to unnerve people.

Audience numbers:

Our audiences where quite small, but reacted really well to what we did!


Bucket was usually between £40 - £60 a day. Not great but not bad.

Communication between the Free Fringe, Venue and Captain:

We saw Dandy Darkly every day as he was on after us. If we ever had any minor issues he'd happily help out. For instance I had a shirt taken by one of the other shows by accident and he got in touch with them for me via Facebook. The venue where brilliant to talk with and I can't stress enough how brilliant they were.

All in all it was a good fringe here, just this year I must flyer more!!
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