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The venue - Movement is a nightclub on Cowgate. Very good location, but name change did not help!

The performance area - Large room, large stage, high ceilings and mirrors. I think it's a lovely venue if you are musical based, but straight-forward stand-up comedy is difficult due to the distance to the audience from the stage and the largeness of the stage is hard to keep focus, plus due to the mirroring everything is lit up, so the elements were against us, especially when we did not have a lot of audience in! I just think when you have that large space even if you get 30 people in, it's still hard to connect with the audience, plus due to their being one space, you can't get the audience in early and tell them to get a drink (if they don't want to watch the previous act that is) and what's worse is, most will leave after seeing the previous act due to no bar or separate space.

The team of staff at the venue - The staff were excellent, they were on the ball and did their best to help us out where possible.

How you advertised your show - PBH Free Fringe brochure entry, flyering, posters, word of mouth, appearing on compilation shows, hiring a flyerer.

How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - we average 20 people per show which for an unheard of show, in a venue that changed it's name, with no ad in the main brochure was quite impressive. Some nights we had 30 odd people in which again is quite impressive, I think it helped being on Cowgate, at 7ish and following Christian Reilly though and the flyerer definitely helped boost numbers.

Your show itself - Being a compilation show you are always in the hands of others, we had a lot of acts cancel or running late which did not help. However, we coped and I think we had a good variety of acts and some good names performing and put on some really good shows and kept the timing precise. It definitely helped our MC skills in a room like that.

Buckets - Average/bad a lot less that hoped and we were shocked how tight some people were, especially after we gave them a great show.

Technical set-up at the venue -I don't really know much about technology but it seemed to run smooth and the others knew what they were doing! Ed Croft did a great job.

Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - Okay. We knew what was happening, but the name change was a bit disappointment and I feel something that could have been dealt with better, to help us.

Any other learning points for anyone involved - Get a flyerer in early, advertise better, make the shows slightly shorter and more slick. Really sell the show. All in all a fun experience albeit slightly stressful!
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