17:10 Banqueting Hall - Pornography and Heartbreak

17:10 Banqueting Hall - Pornography and Heartbreak

Postby David Lee Morgan » 30 Nov 2014, 21:36

Banshee Labyrinth is a dynamite venue. It has a great program year round so there is already a good vibe going before the festival even starts. The Banqueting Hall is intimate and informal. Noise from the bar becomes a problem as time rolls on. My time period, 5:10pm is just around the turning point, so the noise levels were okay on the weekdays, but kind of a problem on the weekends. They had a new sound system this year, which had a few kinks, but was more consistent and reliable. Should be great next year. Crowd and buckets were good for me, but following Rob Auten's totally packed out to the rafters comedy show was a bit humbling - and educational.
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