Rebranding Beelzebub 9:50pm Banquet Halll

Rebranding Beelzebub 9:50pm Banquet Halll

Postby Tim Ralphs » 17 Nov 2014, 16:53

I was at the festival for the first time doing a full run with no days off. It was hard work but I was not under any illusions about that and I paced myself well. The show was a storytelling piece featuring traditional Devil stories updated to modern Sheffield.

The Banshee Labyrinth is in the perfect spot. It near enough to flyer the royal mile. You can point to it from most good flyering spots. It's a spoken word hub so a lot of audiences share an interest in what's going on. Staff are really happy for posters to be put up. I was in the Banquet Hall, a small-ish space that happily felt like it had enough audience as long as there were 15 or so people and could take 40 or so happily. Light and sound rig was provided and worked okay.

The staff were amazing. They changed coins into notes. (Something that no bank in Edinburgh would do!) They fixed sound and light problems. They happily served up water. They were generally friendly and encouraging. I bought them a cake on the last day, seemed the least I could do.

My only negative experiences concern the noise and disruption caused by the other patrons of the bar. It's a busy place, especially at weekends. By 9 o'clock I would give up flyering as the people looking for shows at that point were drunk and rowdy. Because all the shows are free people felt no qualms about wandering in and out just to see what was going on. Mostly they were after comedy, and I wasn't giving them that. The banquet hall was between two bars with seating in the corridor outside. It was just a noisy place to be that late!

I went to a lot of the free events organised by Fringe Central. After paying quite so much to be in the program it felt like the only way to get my money's worth! I feel like it was definitely worth attending, chasing up media and so forth. I would have liked more press coverage and that might have been something to do with being a free show or might have been something to do with the 3,499 other shows going on.

I was spending two to three hours each day flyering, a lot of that was exit flyering. I think having good word of mouth, an exciting entry in the programs and good social media matters more than flyers and posters but I didn't have a chance to survey my audience so it's hard to be sure.

If anyone wants a break down of my costs and income then email me tim dot ralphs at gmail dot com. Total takings were nearly £1,100, total costs including food and seeing other shows came to £1,300. Basically if it wasn't for the Free Fringe I wouldn't have gone to Edinburgh. Simple as that.
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