6.40 (Going Dark!) Beth Vyse

6.40 (Going Dark!) Beth Vyse

Postby bethvyse » 03 Nov 2014, 19:42

The Banshees Lab was brilliant as always, I've been here for the past three years and found the staff: supportive, generous and no query is too much for them to handle.
The bucket was siimilar to previous years: sometimes good/ sometimes bad / sometimes Ok.

Well I was up In Edinburgh I got quite Ill and had to take a few shows off, but everyone got involved and helped out and filled my timeslot and the audience were brilliant and took it in the spirit of the fringe, where everyone gets involved. (thanks Josiah Norris and Mark Dean Quinn for taking over, it was probably better than my actual show! Ha Ha)

The space outside the Banshees is still a little tight to advertise, but if you just get on with it, it's fine in the end.

I can't reccommend the Banshees Labyrinth enough, wonderful varied spaces full of character.
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