Banshee labyrinth- Chamber rooms

Banshee labyrinth- Chamber rooms

Postby nygelh » 14 Oct 2014, 11:17

Nygel G Harrot's
Uninterrupted Jollifications

Banshee Labyrinth
The Chamber rooms

The very good bits
The chamber rooms has a lovely little stage with great lighting and good sound. It feels a joy walk
down the aisle of the dimly lit room and onto the stage.
The room is small and intimate, sitting around thirty five. So even when its a small audience you
still feel ok. It was a very hot venue at first … but then a floor fan appeared and that made all the
difference.. Thank you :)

The bits I wish I’d known about..
I should have checked, my first time as a performer at the fringe... so i'll forgive myself just this
Although my show was suitable for under 18's the venue wasn't.. Last year it allowed families in as
there was food served but the licence had changed this year making it over 18's only.
This effected my time on the streets as there was no point in handing flyers out to families and then
having to explain youngsters couldn’t come in. So I was halving my audience before I’d started.

Uninterrupted Jollification
My show was a fifty minute comedy turn using different voices, slight dressing up and wandering
tales. In the style of Ken Dodd, Frankie Howerd, Peter Sellers and the Goons.
I would like to have put more music in the act , maybe a comedy song. I was pleased with the
pacing. It seemed to go quick on stage.
I decided not to take a break so did 22 shows none stop. I enjoyed that, hard work but i'm glad I
didn’t take a break. The show was at 4.20 a good time for my act.

The good bits
I decided , due to lack of money, to just put myself in the free fringe magazine .
My show was at 4.20 every day so I was out on the streets at 11.30 until 3.50 handing flyers out.
The first few days a didn't take a break... that was a bad idea and didn't make itself known until after
I finished the shown at 5.10... then you crash... lack of lunch!
So .. on the streets at 11am have a short break at 12.30 then back with full stomach at 1pm until
3.50. As my venue was on Niddry street I was just seconds away from the Royal mile which
The bad bits
Next year I would DEFFINATLY pay to go into the main magazine. I didn’t know that with the
main magazine you also get put on the phone app. I almost made myself invisible to the public!!!
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