Banshee Labyrinth, Cinema, 6-7pm. Morgan Berry/ Joe Rowntree

Banshee Labyrinth, Cinema, 6-7pm. Morgan Berry/ Joe Rowntree

Postby joe.rowntree » 29 Sep 2014, 10:27

This was my second year running in this venue and room. For a performance space you can not fault it. The cinema room is like a mini theatre, with raked seating that at it's maximum can fit 40-45 people. It has a nice wide performing area and allows a very intimate connection with your audience. It is ideal for sketch and character shows as there's space on both sides behind the curtain for costume changes and enough space to house props and technical equipment. You have the option of using a microphone but you are able to connect with the audience without one. There's a great projector for shows that want to use a laptop and slides. The sound system and overall technical facilities were great and I never had a problem with it. The staff were always very happy to help if there was a problem with anything in the room and throughout the run the staff helped clear glasses for the next show and nothing was too much trouble. I highly recommend this venue to anyone who wants to perform in central Edinburgh. Niddry Street is just off the Royal Mile and if you put at least 1 and a half hours flyering in before hand you should have no problem filling the room. It was very rare that the room was ever less than half full and even then it is a good room to play to. Another great year and a big thank you to PBH and the core team of individuals that put so much hard work in and making it happen. I hope to be back again in 2015 and cannot recommend the PBH Free Fringe enough. If you put the time and effort in and concentrate on making your show and venue the best it can be then you will enjoy the experience.
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