12.50 Chamber Room 300 to 1

12.50 Chamber Room 300 to 1

Postby Matt Panesh » 07 Sep 2014, 17:09

Ah, the Banshee. After having performed here for four years now, the Banshee is my home. Staff are excellent. Ed, the owner, brilliant. Each year the Banshee is invested in to improve it in some way for performers. This year it was lighting in each room.

The show was a theatre show and as with my previous ones I wasn't expecting big audiences, but I did want reviews so I can sell the show later in the year. However, after a real dip - one house was ten people, then the next 6 - I invested in a flyerer, and what a sound investment that turned out to be. The show has audience participation, and with low audiences really doesn't work...like doing a panto for 3 kids.

At £8 p/h for one hour, the flyerer was worth her weight in gold. I also gave her a bonus of £15 if I took more than £100 in the bucket. After her involvement I regularly did. Beforehand the top bucket was £70. Afterwards, the average was £120, and on one day over £200. Always hold your own bucket as the money put in significantly increases.

This is essential. The staff are not only lovely, recommending shows to people, sorting out drinks n stuff, they also set up and take down all the equipment. What I do is round up my money to the nearest 5 quid and exchange for notes, whatever's left, be it 1 pound or 4.99, I put into the staff tip jar. at two shows a day I put an average of a fiver a day in, over 22 days £110. we have 30 shows in the banshee. if we all did this, it'd be £1500 or 500 extra for the staff per week. can we please all do this.

I brought with me 120 books at £10 each and 120 chap books at £5 ea and sold them all. there is no doubt that merchandise was responsible for bringing my buckets up. a day with no merch I would get 50, with merch at least double. (bear in mind sales were over 2 shows a day)

the room is perfect for me and solo theatre. its a small stage about 5ft deep and 13 across and seats 40-50.

I got reviewed in the Scotsman, list, three weeks and stage.
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