Sophia Blackwell, Becoming Wonder Woman

Sophia Blackwell, Becoming Wonder Woman

Postby Sophia Blackwell » 01 Sep 2014, 16:22

The best show yet- and my longest. Having cheated once or twice in 2012 and 2013 doing mini versions of After My Own Heart and cramming all of my friends into three nights, I had to create something longer and more sustained, and cope with the added adrenalin this involved over a two-week run. Audiences varied though overall the room was decently full and I didn't have to cancel any performances.

All in all, I had a wonderful time. The show, next time I do it, will be quite different but I got some wonderful feedback (thanks for the notes Richard, Dan) and when word of mouth kicked in it was a relief. Best bucket was something like £80 and there were a few duff ones on rainy days. I'd have liked to break £100 but for a 6pm spoken word show, this seemed respectable. Doing Other Voices during the day was an excellent way to encourage crowds to come to the evening show. I know it takes a lot of admin and sheer hard work for Fay so I appreciate the opportunity it provides- and Other Voices in itself is an excellent show and a great daytime gateway for spoken word first-timers.

I would like to thank Fay Roberts and Richard Tyrone Jones for all their tireless work and Sophia Walker, our excellent venue captain. As ever, the staff at the Banshee Labyrinth were a model of courtesy, kindness and patience. The blue-haired girl on the bar also came to my show (after asking 'it's not TOO feminist, is it')? and recommended it to the two lads (or maybe it was the Wonder Woman costume) who came along to another show, bopped along to the beats in the front row and were generous with feedback and even a complimentary glass of wine. I am touched by their kindness and professionalism.

I do second the recommendation about not leaving anything in the venue- someone even stole a poetry book off me in my first year at the Banshee- (Roddy Lumsden's 'The Book of Love,') but there is the locked cupboard and the bar staff are never narky about opening it for you, provided you don't pick a ridiculous time to ask.

It was great having Richard and Fay so close to to the venue and to see them supporting so many shows. The noise in the corridor at the Banshee is a tough one to negotiate, and during the more overpopulated shows it does need (part-time enthusiasts acting as) stewards, tech and bouncers. Neil Spokes sorted my tech during a particularly mad Saturday where I did the first bit of the show acapella and also stuck his head round the door a few times, which I hugely appreciated. Scheduling clashes meant I did not get to see Crap Time Lord, Can't Care Won't Care, Year 31 or Asking Nicely, but I'm looking forward to seeing the London versions in time. In conclusion, I just want to say that the Banshee is a classic venue. Long may they put up with us.
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