15.10pm Chamber Room CHARMIAN HUGHES: RAJ RAGE

15.10pm Chamber Room CHARMIAN HUGHES: RAJ RAGE

Postby Charmian Hughes » 29 Aug 2014, 17:52

My fourth year at the wonderful Banshee and the second at this earlier lovely afternoon time.
The room is very well equipped, lovely to perform in and to be an audience in.

The staff are wonderful, once again physically carrying a wheelchair-bound friend all the way down the stairs so she could see the show!
Any problem with air con or tech, and someone would be down within a couple of minutes to sort it out.

Audiences for my show were slightly down - I put this down to it being very obviously more storytelling content and definitely not stand-up this year-however buckets were up and pretty consistent. It was only when I came home and did the sums that I realized this! And I was very pleased with feed back.

Also I didn't get Week Three Wobble- buckets and audiences stayed consistent, as the show continued to get better and tighter.

The shows on either side of me were very helpful and friendly, making life much easier.
I was very inspired by the practical dynamics of the show before me- Ben Target and his team. What a brilliant idea! Three performers committed to teching, flyering and directing/giving feedback to each of each other's shows for EVERY SHOW so that in practice each show was being properly produced and supported by a team.
Thanks again Ed and his lovely Banshee team and of course to the PBHFF !
Charmian Hughes
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