CINEMA ROOM: 13.10 Chris Boyd

CINEMA ROOM: 13.10 Chris Boyd

Postby BigWind83 » 29 Aug 2014, 13:16

I don't have a bad word to say about The Banshee Labyrinth.

Wonderful, friendly, helpful staff and a nice atmosphere throughout the whole venue.
Also being a metal pub they play a lot of Iron Maiden so that usually put me in a good mood.

The Cinema Room itself was perfect for my show which I wanted to be an intimate affair and had video and sound cues throughout - both very easy to do with the projector and PA.
I never had much trouble getting an audience along most days - as others have said it's very close to The Royal Mile - obviously there's always a blind bit of panic 15 minutes beforehand when the room is still empty but that's just the Fringe in general. It can get quite hot in the room so it's important to put the fan they have in there on after you've performed. I put a bit of velcro around the door to stop it swinging open sometimes and preventing bleed from other rooms but was usually fairly quiet in the hallways as my show was on first in the afternoon.

Also it's probably wise to position yourself in or around the entrance to the pub to point people in the right direction to the room as audience can sometimes get slightly lost in there.
Rob Auton kindly made a nice map of the venue which we put on the wall so that helped greatly.

I reckon you could probably squeeze about 45 people in there but again as others have said it looks full with 12 in.

All in all - smashing!
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