CINEMA ROOM: 19.15: Nick Hodder

CINEMA ROOM: 19.15: Nick Hodder

Postby admin2 » 29 Aug 2014, 10:45

The Banshee Labyrinth is a great venue overall. All the rooms are good, and sound / light set-up is outstanding. If you go there, I would say that specific rooms, are better suited to certain things. If you're doing multimedia, the Cinema room is great. Make sure you get there nice and early on set-up day, so you can get your head around the equipment, as some aspects just need a bit more understanding.

I reiterate the other comments that the staff there are some of the very friendly helpful people, and will go the extra mile to help you, and even recommend shows to punters / friends. It's really supportive.

Niddry St has lots of footfall often directly passed the door, or at either end of Niddry st. on teh Royal Mile, or Cowgate. If you have two / three people flyering, you could distribute a lot of paper, and maybe even get an audience (I had three flyers including me, and was pretty much full every day, bar one or two).

Gareth said there's no phone signal in any of the 3 Labyrinth rooms, which I thought was true, yet somehow one of my audience members managed to receive, accept, and conduct a ten minute phone call during my show. The reviewer found this distracting, but the rest of the audience were able to block this out by reading the free fringe programme, or playing offline games on their smartphones. This brings me to another point. Often, people will go to the Cinema Room, to sit down on a comfy seat, or just to marvel at the fact that it exists. This effect can be negated by doing a coup,e of hours solid flyering and getting in punters who actually want to see what you're doing. This is something I failed to do on the day described above. (The reviewer was understanding, changed the genre from 'Comedy', to 'Comedy Drama', and gave it a 'Recommended' - So, you know, they're not all dicks!)

The cinema room is amazing with a great AV set up. Ideal for one or two people. There is a tiny bit of space for costume changes, so anything too theatrical then maybe not for this room. It'll fit 40 people, but weirdly still looks busy with 12 / 15, which is nice.

In summary, lovely room, lovely people, lovely tech setup. Just ensure you reduce the effect of drunk wanderers with a lot of flyering, and maybe posting someone on the door during the show, if you have a helpful friend.
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