Yank Me w/ Harmon Leon 9pm

Yank Me w/ Harmon Leon 9pm

Postby goofshow » 12 Feb 2015, 18:12

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! This was the best Fringe run I've had and the venue really made it click. My show is multi-media and the downstairs room was rigged for it, so all I had to do was plug-and-play with my laptop into the room's video projector. Second, the venue staff was amazing. The one night I had some tech trouble with the projector, they left their post from behind the bar to give me a hand to get things up and running again - beyond the call of duties. Cheers to them. Third the size of the room was great; it had roughly a 40 seat capacity - so almost every show was full- and when it went beyond that and was standing room only - the show really went off - a very intimate performance space that made it really easy to connect with the crowd. Also, the entire venue itself was great - its very central right off the Cowgate- and four shows are going on at once so it had a really great festival vibe - the punters turn up at Banshee Labyrinth just because they know that
good shows are going on.

Highly recommend Banshee Labyrinth if you are doing a slightly off-beat, alternative show. High marks and my best fringe run ever!
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