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2014 Accomdoation

PostPosted: 03 May 2014, 19:24
by renlimmot

Me and my friend have recently had our show confirmed for 8 nights from 2nd-9th August and very exicited as its our first time performing at the fringe.

Ideally we would like to rent a house or apartment up to a maximum of about £200 per night, £1600 for the 8 nights. We'd like some spare beds to offer people we know who want to visit to watch us perform. Ideally a 4 bed room apartment walking distance of city centre.

Could any one with expeirence finding decent accomodation provide advice for tracking down something that meets these requirements? what websites to book through etc? There seems to be so much out there, and prices range hugely.

Many thanks,

Re: 2014 Accomdoation

PostPosted: 23 May 2014, 16:32
by renlimmot
So i ended up booking a large apartment through edlets. They were very helpful and I would recommend. Hope this helps anyone else looking!