Cowgatehead Upper 1 for On Tour (We Live Here)

Cowgatehead Upper 1 for On Tour (We Live Here)

Postby StruanLogan » 13 Dec 2013, 17:29

I would like to thank the PBH Free Fringe team for accommodating so many more acts with this new venue. I was expecting not to even have the chance to perform at the fringe in 2013.

The venue was well laid out and you could create a dark audience section and lit stage with the switches if you could remember the right order. However like many free fringe venues it could get too warm for the audience unlike in next door's venue which had windows to keep it cool. The main problem we had with the venue was the severe noise bleed it affected both our show and our noise effected next door's show. This was particularly damaging to one of our stand ups who's act was scripted with a quiet stage persona. The gig next door almost became a write-off at the end of next doors show (theirs was 50 minutes long, ours an hour) due to people applauding the end and talking when leaving the show (particularly after our venue's door broke). On the plus side we had audience members return to our's and the next door's show to us since they heard loud laughs from the noise bleed.

Starting both shows on the same floor at the same time was a double edged sword. It meant getting last minute audience members was competitive between the two shows. Like many shows that ran at the same time, there was accusations of audience stealing but this was solved after day 2. However both sides were cooperative, we recommended audience members see next door's show when ours was full. In the end though our shows did go a lot better when there was no show next door to us.

The location of the venue was good, close enough to promote to people on Hunter's Square, Cabaret Voltaire and on the Street at Cowgate. It would have been nice to have the big banner that was discussed to highlight the venue but most people were able to find the venue with directions. Generally we got audience members numbered at high teens to low twenties, our lowest was 11 and our highest was out the door on weekends.

I really hope Cowgatehead is a venue that continues to be developed by PBH and team. It has a lot of potential to be a great venue for performers, I hope the noise bleed can be solved as it is a serious issue for many acts.
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