Upstairs 1 Pony

Upstairs 1 Pony

Postby YorksP » 01 Nov 2013, 15:50

We really enjoyed upstairs our 1st show at Edinburgh and with PBH and are grateful for the opportunity.

Upstairs – 2 venues but not labelled
1 incident with punters coming into our show instead of the Angry Beards (next door upstairs)
We sorted this out with Beards next day.
Perhaps the doors could’ve been labelled with a number we can tell punters when flyering to avoid confusion?

Noise leakage between the two venues upstairs was noticeable at times.

Retaining audiences in the building
The bar didn’t really work upstairs in retaining any punters which was a shame but it wasn’t easy to find off the street so I’m not sure how that could be improved. Implications of this was we always were trying to get new people into the building, people heading out of a show always just wanted to get straight our onto the street. Think was more down to the design of the building not having a natural common area and also a small entrance which didn’t give much clue as to what was inside.

Bar staff
Were very helpful and friendly letting us store equipment briefly before and after shows.

Sound quality was poor down the microphone and a hollow floor. We were singing and playing acoustic with pickup mic so just required lots of mic technique(!)I appreciate all equipment is donated so am thankful for anything.
In the future will try and donate any equipment we have if possible – in this case a decent mic.

Thank you PBH
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