Tesco chainstore massacre upper floor room 1

Tesco chainstore massacre upper floor room 1

Postby stanskinny » 07 Oct 2013, 08:43

The Cowgate head

It was a pretty good venue, the location was good, not fantastic, I think by the time people had reached the end of Cowgate they had been flyered to death but the venue was good even it was hard to notice that it was a venue.
The Staff were great, had no problems there, and it was really good that you could leave flyers in the pub next door.

The room itself fits about 60 maybe 70 with a squeeze. There was plenty of room to perform in and the PA worked fine, although I didn't bother with a microphone as it was small enough to be heard without. The only unfortunate issue was that it got quite messy towards the end of the run and there was no way of tidying the space. It also got quite hot when the room was full. My only other issue was the noise bleed from the other venue next door.

The show next door proved to be a bit of a problem. They weren't attracting many people in and were accusing me of stealing their audience, which was not the case and if anything I encouraged people to go into there show and always made it very clear, which show people were attending.

I could understand their frustration although I think it was largely down to their flyering, but maybe a solution next year would be to have shows that are next door to each 15 minutes apart to avoid that sense of competition.

The audience numbers were consistent, around 15 to 20 in the week and always full over the weekend. The money was good this year, certainly pleased with that.

For publicity, I was in the free fringe guide and I flyered. I think it would have been helpful to be in the main guide but I had left it too late. Also I felt a bit out on a limb doing a spoken word show that wasn't in the recognised spoken word venues.
It helped to do showcases, and guest spots they attracted lots of people in but it's not easy to know where to get on one.

In general, my experience of this year was so so. The cowgatehead could turn into a fantastic venue in the future, and I would be happy to go back there next year, but I think it's being turned into a hotel or something.
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