Cowgatehead lower space 2- Original Sinners

Cowgatehead lower space 2- Original Sinners

Postby Catherine Roberts » 25 Sep 2013, 20:59

A fantastic new venue and great location!
Lower space 2 seated approximately 32 people. Audiences were excellent throughout our week long run from 19th August to 25th August. On average we had between 24- 30 every night. Buckets were very good with minimum £25 and maximum £65 per night. It was our first time at the fringe and we had no idea what to expect. We loved it!
Our venue captain, Fleur was really helpful throughout our time there so thank you Fleur. We were a group of 9 so we had to squeeze into the available space but everything just seemed to work for us. We brought a few lamps and equipment with us to help with the lighting. It would be brilliant if there was a lockable storage space in the future so we didn't have to drag equipment back and forth but what the hell! We had such a good time we would carry rocks to get into this venue again. What a great find :D The venue staff were hands off but this was fine for this venue. Toilets were next door in the bar but this didn't seem to pose a problem for us or the audience. There was a bar upstairs so audience were happy to grab a drink before the show.
The get out on Sunday was interesting. There was only Fleur, another group as well as ours to stack, tidy and dispose but we all worked hard to leave the space tidy.
Our time slot for a theatre performance at 8pm was ideal. Packed audiences throughout the week. We did advertise in the online fringe website and many audience members found us through this and the brilliant free fringe programme. We did some flyering but did better promoting the show outside the venue rather than other areas. I do hope this is venue continues to run. We saw some great shows here throughout the week.
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