Cowgatehead Lower Floor 1

Cowgatehead Lower Floor 1

Postby HJSTANDING » 24 Sep 2013, 15:52

Fantastic location on Cowgate directly opposite the Underbelly. I had great audiences on average about 40 people each day and on quite a few occasions I had to turn people away. It's a basic space but had everything that I required; an elevated stage area, 50 seats, black cloth backdrop and a brand new PA system with microphone and stand. The lighting could have been a little better as both options either fluorescent strip lights or 3 standard domestic lightbulbs meant that the audience were always illuminated. There was plenty of room to put up posters in the entrance and around the venue, and although there wasn't a bar downstairs that didn't seem to deter people from the venue as they could get a drink from upstairs. Toilets being next door in the Cowshed bar was a bit of a pain as I had to wait to start my show a few times whilst audience members went to the loo. The biggest problem with the venue was the entrance as it was hidden away and therefore if used again needs a big sign/banner putting up outside on the wall with the venue name on for all to see. The second problem was the smell in the doorway which was horrendous - the area under the stairs was used to house the bins from the Cowshed bar and the burger stall so there was a strong rotting smell at all times in the entrance. I bought lots of air fresheners to disguise the smell which helped a little. Overall a great venue though, one which I would definitely return to. :D
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