Wildly Unprepared

Wildly Unprepared

Postby Robertstarr » 19 Sep 2013, 11:07

The location was very good as we were able to bring in a full crowd every night, and often had to turn people away because we couldn't fit them in the room. It was however very hard to explain venue was to people however, we pretty much had to have someone assigned to lead people to our room in the venue. The lack of toilets was a bit irritating, especially as I look about 12 and had to get ID'd every time I wanted to take a piss. The walls between rooms were too thin, so shows interrupted each other on a regular basis, fortunately we are very loud and our audience was usually big enough that it didn't matter too much. Ventiation was a problem as the windows in the room could not be opened and so the audience, and us, often got overheated. The bar didn't serve tap water, which is our beverage of choice doing improv as we don't drink alcohol before or during a show.
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