Upper Floor Stage 1 19 -25th Aug

Upper Floor Stage 1 19 -25th Aug

Postby RebelArmy » 08 Sep 2013, 19:53

Overall it was wonderful experience - camaraderie with the other acts was great.
Had some probs with the venue itself ie the doors not closing properly.

The name of the venue was confusing as it was the same as the name of the road, and when we arrived we learned it was called 65 Cowgate, not Cowgatehead.
If we were confused I'm sure some of the punters must have been too.

We flyered mainly outside the venue and this seemed to work relatively well. Most of the time we got the average audience of 5 or 6, though the full house on the last day was encouraging.

My only gripe is that the venue captain was nowhere to be seen, and didn't answer one of my emails or phone calls, which was very frustrating.
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