Upper floor 1

Upper floor 1

Postby maxine » 07 Sep 2013, 09:17

I was pleasantly surprised by my whole fringe experience. I had good audience numbers - 60+ some nights, and I loved the upstairs room at Cowgatehead. Airy, studio theatre-type space with windows. Location, near Grassmarket, opposite Underbelly, was superb.
Young bar staff pleasant and helpful.
Any downsides were due to it being a last-minute venue which has still to be refurbished. This, though, became a bit of a talking point and ice-breaker with audience, particularly having to use the eccentric Cowshed toilets next door. The venue also suffered from no proper name signs, though we did our best, laminating signs and sticking up the street number, though the dusty exterior brick walls made sticking anything up a bit of a challenge.
Spruced up a bit with proper name signs outside, this would be an ideal venue.
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