Upper Floor 2 and Lower Floor 1

Upper Floor 2 and Lower Floor 1

Postby Francisca » 11 Feb 2014, 14:34

Cowgatehead was ideally located opposite the underbelly and not too far from the royal mile. It turned out to be better to flyer just outside the venue instead of the mile, probably because of the underbelly. We were performing in two spaces, lower floor 1 and upper floor 2. The two spaces were nice, however the stages were smaller than our requirements and so we had to adapt our choreography. Nevertheless, it worked out ok.

The black backdrops that were bought for the shows looked good, however it turned out to be a hazard during our (very physical!) show because it was pinned up with drawing pins and staples. The pins fell off and when trying to move the curtain as to not step on it we couldn’t because of the staples. It may have been better if it was optional or hung by some other means.

Upperfloor 2 suffered from bleeding of the noise form the show in Upperfloor 1. A solution would be to have a space between the two venues as the case with the downstairs spaces, or not to put mik’ed shows next to non-mik’ed shows. The lights controls were confusing, sometimes light switches were in other rooms of the venue rather than the one we were in.

As the Fringe went on the venues got dirtier and dirtier, and we tried to clean but it would have been nice if a broom and a cloth were available to make the cleaning easier.

Unfortunately, there were a few problems regarding the poaching of audience members from other shows. We experienced this and heard from others who did also – we believe this was unintentional due to unclear instructions to confused audience members. Maybe a common policy could be developed about how to give clear instructions to guide audience entering the building when more than one show is taking place.

A space to store props/costumes would be amazing if possible, but understood if that is more of a paid fringe luxury.

All in all we had a great first experience of the free Fringe, good audience response, and are already looking forward to Free Fringe 2014. If Cowgatehead was offered as a venue for Edinburgh next year we would happily go in for a second round! Thank you all for having us, and thanks to all the other Cowgatehead performers who made this a great experience!
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