Bristol Improv Presents...

Bristol Improv Presents...

Postby bristolimprov » 04 Nov 2013, 13:13

We have performed at WhyNot? on the Free Fringe two years in a row, and have had distinct advantages and disadvantages to the venue. One advantage is that there is a lot of us: we go out and flyer very actively, and as a result had large audiences throughout the Fringe. The venue gave us the ability to expand and contract audience seating depending on how the day was going, thus making the venue always appear full, and quite often it was. The location was occasionally difficult to convey, but the alleyway did allow for the possibility of a queue, which in turn drew in more people on its own merit.

The main difficulty was the lighting of the venue. This was largely due to inconsistency: some days, we would set up the lights that we had provided, be able to create a full black-out in the venue, and focus the lights on the stage area. Other days, we had to argue with the staff at the venue to turn off the club lights that cast luminescent colors across the walls and stage and, despite the fact we had accomplished this on many other days, were frequently told it wasn't possible. The staff at the venue varied between being very friendly, approachable and helpful, to difficult and purposefully ignoring our requirements. In 2012, the venue also had a stage area set up, but due to other acts not requiring it, we did not end up using it either. Another difficulty was the venue's dual function as a nightclub meaning the frequent loss of promotional material: however, this is a difficulty relatively easy to deal with, and was not something we were not prepared for.

All in all, 2013 was a very successful year at the Fringe for Bristol Improv, and WhyNot? was perfectly satisfactory for our show's requirements at the time.
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