The Grumpy Magician go Christmas Shopping

The Grumpy Magician go Christmas Shopping

Postby Paul Temple » 03 Nov 2013, 12:18

This is our third fringe show and our first time at Why Not?
The space is a large vaulted room with a bar at the far end. There is ample space for acts to set up behind the stage and some room for things to be stored in the cloak room. We found the staff to be very helpful, The venue is quite large and a number of people can stand at the back. Its situated in George Street which is a good position.
As it is a working night club all the posters etc have to be cleared away a couple of times a week, although they were still kind enough to let things still be stored in there cloak rooms.
Its not the lightest of venues and it is probably a good idea to bring your own lights if possible.
On the whole an excellent venue.
Paul Temple
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