Experience at the Whynot?

Experience at the Whynot?

Postby sheseemsnice8 » 16 Sep 2013, 13:48

This is for the use of future acts. I am not going to qualify it with this or that. I was the venue captain. This was my experience:

The manager Jay was very nice. The owner, not so nice. I was yelled at before I even got a chance to make his acquaintance. He wondered what the hell was going on. What was going on was we were doing a sound check with one band. We were given 2 hrs to do a sound check for 8 acts, get all of our questions answered re: lights, sound, storage, etc. Basically, he (the owner) didn't want us in there. He told me that he was ready to pull the whole thing from us and he didn't need us in there because he makes millions on his club upstairs (The Dome). (He gave me an actual quote but I can't remember numbers.) This was screamed in my face.
Now, beyond that, we were not allowed to flyer out front b/c it's "The Dome". So we dealt with that. Because it's a night club 3 nights a week sometimes 4, we had to put up our flyers, posters, etc. after each club night. Reset the lights, all of the heavy seating, etc. I was on my own when the other 2 guys who opened the venue for their earlier show weren't on that day or weren't able to get it all done before their show. Needless to say, there was no extra promotion going on b/c we had to remove anything from out front every night and weren't allowed to put anything up outside the venue aside from a sandwich board during the day.

For my show, I was told it was very noisy many days, so the experience of the Two Johnnies was a bit different as I was the next act and made sure not to make any noise during their show.

My feeling is, if you are more than one person, the venue isn't bad and if you don't mind setting up everything repeatedly then it's a good venue, if you don't mind not having lights or music on some days, then it's a good venue.

The staff is hearing it from the big screamer above so they are not always in the best of moods even if they are very nice people.
Thank you!
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