The Two Jonnies: Hack and Hacker 12.30pm

The Two Jonnies: Hack and Hacker 12.30pm

Postby jonnygreatrex » 06 Sep 2013, 08:47

This was our first Free Fringe show, although we had previously performed at Free Fringe venues. Why Not is a nightclub, down an alley in Newtown.
We thought it might be a real struggle but actually it turned out to be a great venue.
The sound system is excellent and although the space is quite big, the low ceiling and the way we arranged the seating, made it feel quite intimate.
Lighting-wise there is a whole rig of spot lights, normally used when it's a nightclub. These can be turned to the stage, although are so bright you don't want them in your face. And you need a bit of expertise to do this. Another show brought their own stand alone lights, which was wise.
There were various other lights which could be turned on or off to get the right effect.
The best thing about performing at the Why Not is there were no interruptions or noise from anywhere as it is a basement. Some Fringe venues you're battling music from next door, or people leaving another show and cutting through your crowd. Here, everyone who is there, is there for you.
The staff were very friendly and helpful, even the grumpy manager lightened up by the end when he could see we were just doing our best and being nice.
The major drag being the first act of the day was that the place is open three nights a week. So three mornings a week you have to completely set-up the venue, chairs, backdrops, lights, posters, flyers. Meaning you need to get there much earlier. And it was an effort. But not the worst hardship in the world.
We had an average crowd of 30. Highest was 85, lowest 15. We were lunch time, so not much competition. But we ground this out with flyering before hand, catching people who were still making up their minds what to do that day. You won't get many people just wandering in, or who were having a drink there.
We would definitely use Why Not again if it were available.
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