Ulysses Dies at Dawn - 17:30

Ulysses Dies at Dawn - 17:30

Postby Jonny Sims » 13 Jan 2014, 17:06

Firstly, many many apologies for the lateness of the show report. It was typed up shortly after the Fringe concluded, but apparently wasn't posted up as I had believed (a fact I only discovered when attempting to link to it for this years applications). Please find it below:

Show: Ulysses Dies at Dawn
Venue: WhyNot?
Time: 17:30
Company: The Mechanisms

We found our experiences with the Free Fringe this year an almost universally positive experience. WhyNot was an excellent venue for our purpose, as it had a large and flexible staging and audience area, a good quality sound system (which worked perfectly with the mixing desk we brought), and had recently undergone a redesign that lent it a rather cyber-noirish look that worked beautifully with our show (a sci-fi film noir retelling of the Greek Myths).

Having worked with the PBH Free Fringe in 2012, we knew what to expect in terms of assistance and set-up, so were largely self-sufficient. Our venue captain was helpful in the initial set-up, but we had limited contact after that, save for a mic stand that we left backstage for common use.

The location of the venue can be a challenge, but both ourselves and Bristol Improv were there last year, so knew the best ways to combat it (have someone posted either end of the alley before a show for flyering and direction) and our numbers meant we were able to effectively flyer in several locations. The only issue with WhyNot was that there was a lighting malfunction during the second week, which took sometime to be fixed, and during which we had to perform with floodlights brought in by one of the other shows.

It worth noting that we discovered the venue is actually handicap accessible through The Dome (although it is a very complicated route), which was useful as we had several mobility impaired people who wished to see us.

Financially, we were very successful, largely due to selling CDs after the show, which I would recommend to any other show which would be able to produce them, as it gave the audience something tangible to spend the money they had saved on tickets.

Overall, an excellent experience and we fully intend to return next year with a new set.
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