The LipSinkers - Voodoo Rooms 00:20

The LipSinkers - Voodoo Rooms 00:20

Postby The LipSinkers » 02 Oct 2013, 16:57

The Voodoo Rooms is a really great venue - it's made for performance. The staff are great, the place looks fabulous, people hang out there day and night because it's got a fabulous bar, does lovely food, and is swishy but relaxed in the day, and fun and groovy at night. It's a destination for people on a good night out throughout the year in Edinburgh, and we thought it was great. The venue really supports performance and the Free Fringe -  allowing posters & flyers and info boards up, and a room (albeit small) to store some stuff. It was a really full and vibrant creative space - with the staff taking an interest in what's going on as well as attending shows.

We were in the French Quarter - the smallest of the performance spaces, which was a challenge for us in terms of the size of the stage as there are 4 of us and we dance about alot. We had to make changes to our set, but we made it work, and got a 5 star review from Time Out on our opening night, so all good!

We got really good audiences - and were full at the weekends - it dipped a little bit midweek but we still had a good numbers throughout our run.

We put up posters, we flyered and were in the Free Fringe programme. We did a few pop-ups on other mixed bills.

We were very happy with how the show went especially for our first time at Edinburgh.

The LipSinkers are used to running our shows in venues with considerably bigger stages and higher tech specs but we made it work with what there was and the space we had.

Communication was all good. As far as we were aware the venue ran really smoothly - and there was a lot going on! The venue captain was very helpful and seemed to be running a tight ship.

Great experience all round. We'd love to play the Voodoo Rooms again. Thanks for having us!

xx The LipSinkers
The LipSinkers
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