14:15 John-Luke Roberts Broken Stand-Up

14:15 John-Luke Roberts Broken Stand-Up

Postby jlukeroberts » 30 Sep 2013, 16:36

- The venue - what sort of venue is it? Pub, Bar, Club, Restaurant... What sort of clientèle normally frequent this venue

A nicely decorated Bar / Restaurant. Perhaps a slightly older crowd here? But quite mixed, well-behaved bunch.

- The performance area - stage, separate room, open air?

A very well fitted out, self-contained room. Capacity of probably about 140. Quite a high stage, and quite a high-ceiling, so laughs can dissipate. But there's a big mirror ball in the middle, so it's what you might call "classy". Food is delivered from the kitchen to the bar area through this room, which can be distracting, but there's a curtain up against the majority of the seating area to stop it being too intrusive.

- The team of staff at the venue - did they assist the shows? Did the show get in the way of the normal business etc?

Venue staff were all very nice, and helpful sorting out technical problems.

- How you advertised your show - Fringe brochure, flyering, posters, word of mouth etc
Fringe brochure, flyering - mainly cross flyering from my other shows, with a hired flyerer to do a couple of hours a day - no posters.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - solid numbers every show? Did it vary by day? Affected by weather?
40 -50ish most weekdays, and audiences were often nearly full on weekends

- Buckets - we don't need accounts, but how were the donations to the buckets - bad, good, generous
Buckets generally pretty good - although large crowds would often give noticeably less per person. Which might be because they assumed other people there would pay.

- Technical set-up at the venue - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change
Tehnically a very well kitted out room. A lot of lights (and mirrorball), and a full sound desk available. We were limited to what the presets were, so as not to get in the way of their evening shows and such like, but worked out very well. One small problem was the presets suddenly being mysteriously changed mid run, but we worked around that. There are white fairy lights around the walls, so you can't really go to full black out, but they don't cast much light.

- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change
Everything seemed fine on this front - can't think of any miscommunications. The storage room became a bit chaotic, so if everyone could work out a system for that next year, that would really help.
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