21.35 - Paul Dabek Stand up and be Conjured - The Speakeasy

21.35 - Paul Dabek Stand up and be Conjured - The Speakeasy

Postby pauldabek » 18 Sep 2013, 17:44

The Voodoo Rooms is a wonderful venue and I feel honoured to have been there with 5 shows in the last 4 years....

The Bar team, Managers and Owners are ALWAYS helpful, friendly and Professional as well as VERY understanding...But still I saw the odd performer acting big-time with them at times please continue to treat them with respect and be nice to them (this venue is a jewel in the crown of the free fringe and we can't afford to loose it)

The speakeasy holds around 70 people seated with room for another 20/30 standing.
There is super Tech available in the venue with projection capabilities and full PA CD player and mini jack input plus two hardwired mics.
If you are lucky enough to have full houses beware the room is going to get very hot and stuffy with all the tech equipment and bodies in there... it just happens... best to open window and put on extractor fan in between shows.

I feel as in earlier years the speakeasy could be improved massivle by the addition of a bar of small spotlights IN-FRONT of the stage at the moment all the lighting is at the sides which means it can be hard for audiences to see smaller props and facial expression (the dimmer light seems to work well for a burlesque or cabaret show but i feel it isn't ideal for magic and stand up, its a small point but the only improvement i can see needed)

My show was advertised in the Main fringe brochure and obviously the PBH programme.

I played from the 3rd to the 25th with no days dark and was very lucky to enjoy full capacity audiences with a considerable turn away due to the room being full every night.
I feel this is due to a build of coming to the fringe 4 years straight and word of mouth.

My buckets were very good the highest they have been I feel this is due to a number of things... mainly a good product that I spend alot of time on but also the skill in letting the audience know they can and should donate.... Take a look at any good street performer doing big shows on the royal mile and you will learn some great techniques for your bucket speech (or "Bottle" and it is known on the street)

A great year... thanks Voodoo and PBH and team long may we continue!
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