Catherine Semark: Shadow Ape - French Quarter 13.30

Catherine Semark: Shadow Ape - French Quarter 13.30

Postby Catherine Semark » 16 Sep 2013, 12:16

Venue - The French Quarter is one of three performance spaces at The Voodoo Rooms. These are self-contained function rooms, in use as such throughout the year. The venue also has a (very attractive) main bar that serves good food. The French Quarter has its own separate bar and toilets (at the back of the room, so not disruptive at all).
Performance space - Slightly raised shallow-but-wide space. The audience space is divided by the entrance to a set of stairs (going down rather than up). In front of this are standard rows of chairs, and behind there are a couple of rows of higher stools, plus standing room. This is an advantage if you have a day with lower numbers, as you can concentrate the audience in the front section which still makes the space feel full. Some restricted view from the back, but only an issue if there's a very full audience.
The team of staff at the venue - All really friendly and very helpful with helping to adjust lighting and temperature.
How you advertised your show - Ad in the main Fringe brochure, a few posters, and flyering. Helped that I got an excellent review in the first week, so was able to plaster this over posters and on flyers.
How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - Wednesdays seemed the lowest on numbers, Fridays and weekends the highest. I'd say average of twenty-five people, with a low of twelve and a high of forty.
Your show itself - Very happy with the show. Simple set-up, which was ideal for a space like this. Included audience interaction moments at potential flagging points could occur, and this seemed to work really well. Would like to work out how to avoid getting audience members with no grasp of English, but this still eludes me.
- Buckets - Mostly excellent. Seemed to be far more paper money that usual.
- Technical set-up at the venue - As far as I'm concerned, all good.
- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - James Ross was a truly excellent Venue Captain, making sure that any cancelled shows were covered, and really helping audience to get the best out of what The Voodoo Rooms had to offer.
- It would be helpful if fellow performers avoided sticking posters over the show schedule boards. It doesn't seem very fair to promote your show at the expense of allowing people to see what else is on.
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