Simon South's Catflap of Opportunity

Simon South's Catflap of Opportunity

Postby SimonSouth1 » 16 Sep 2013, 18:29

The Venue
The Street was a pretty cool venue. Nice and relaxed with a very varied clientele. I did love the venue but at the same time felt it might have been a tiny bit too far out, but other than that it was fabulous!

The Team and Staff
The people at The Street were really amazing! Both Wendy and Louise made me feel very welcome and also gave great discounts on food and drink whilst we were performing there, something my other venues didn't provide which I felt really made them stand out. The team at The Street were brilliant, always being happy to give us the keys and being more than happy to help out in whatever way they could. Something I also really appreciated was the amount of effort Wendy and Louise put in to promote the fact that we where there, putting up loads of posters and dedicating an A board to us which as far as I am aware they did entirely off their own back which was incredible.

Performance area
The performance area was very intimate. Last year I was performing at The Hudson Bar and Hotel in the Barco Bar (which I believe has been taken over now), and I felt I had a lot more space there. My show is a stage/cabaret magic act as apposed to close up just like last year, and so I wasn't expecting such a different space. However if there was not a large audience in this did create a nicer atmosphere than performing in a large space, and allowed me to create a nice rapport with my audience.

Tech Set Up
The set up was very professional, as we were running from a dj booth. I think this made a great difference. The fact that there was also a spotlight too I thought was brilliant.

How shows went regarding audience
Things depended. I did flyer although I didn't actually see any real feedback from it and so didn't bother after a while. I quickly figured out I couldn't figure out whether I would get a good audience or not. People did come in with children and because the venue didn't allow children they did get a little miffed. My audience varied in size from a full house to 3, although I didn't ever have to cancel a show which I was glad for.

How the show went itself
I felt the show went very well, despite a couple of tricks going wrong once or twice. As usual, the bucket line was the tricky one. Again, despite using street performer lines to increase profit, these didn't always show in return. for instance my audience of three gave me £15 between them without any bucket line, but an audience of 8 gave me about £3.60 with the many lines I usually did. Again, despite trying different things I don't think there was a way to guarantee how much i would get from an audience.

The Bucket
The bucket as above was very hard to judge. A full house didn't guarantee me a lot of money, which i found very annoying. It seemed that by average the less in my audience the more they would give some how, although again this was not a rule. I think the most I earnt was around £50 and the least around £3, which paled in comparison to last year were on average I pulled in £50 a night. I need to go try and work out why this might have occurred.

All in all, I think The Street was a great venue, however if I was to go there next year I would prefer to go there with a close up show rather than stage due to the intimacy of the venue. As I'm thinking of doing three shows again, this is a distinct possibility, and if I do I look forward to seeing everyone again :-)
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