2.15 Coin Operated Girl

2.15 Coin Operated Girl

Postby Miranda_Kane » 24 Jan 2014, 18:54

Venue: The Dram House was a great venue, very happy with the room I was in (then in one) I think it just needed each performance to work together to make the entrances and exits work - which I think we did!

Performance space:dram house main room. Brilliant space, acoustics worked very well - I did the show without a mic and managed it without loosing my voice! Having a bar worked to keep people in the space. Lighting and sound all worked well.

Venue Staff: Very helpful and friendly, Craig was very patient! Had a couple of queues at the bar when we had to start as some staff took a break between the shows - which is when the audience would want a drink. But otherwise, no problem. Just didn't want to Dram House to lose out on drink sales.

Advertising - In the free fringe and main fringe programme, flyering, posters, and a couple of interviews - one with student radio and an Internet TV channel, and a blog in The Scotsman. Also had a flyering team of two for the last week.
Flyering was definitely the way to go. If I took a day off from flyering I always noticed the reduction in numbers, even when I'd paid flyerers. Spent my time flyering on the royal mile and outside the venue immediately before the show. Also took part in lots of 'showcase' type shows, doing 5 minutes to entice and audience. that worked well too.

Audience numbers: Very good! Had 2 Saturdays where we had to turn people away, but otherwise was never less than half full.

Show itself: Very good! Got four and five star reviews, great write ups, lots of audience members who are *still* tweeting about it! They have recently been asking if I'm returning, which has helped sway my mind!

Buckets: Once we managed to stop people escaping through the Bothy Bar, I could get the Bucket on the stage and 'give 'me the eye' as they left! Got between £50 - £100, more on the weekends. Very pleased with the money we made - hence investing in some flyerers for the last week to save my voice a bit. (But wouldn't again, people involved in the show are the best advertisers.)

Technical: I had a stage manager (hence the lateness, I assumed he had out this in, he assumed me...asses etc) who dealt with the technical aspects, but I didn't notice anything wrong. All seemed very smooth!

Admin: Great communication with Cristian and everyone in our bar, other shows in other parts of the venue we're great and very helpful too. There was a real community spirit :)

Overall: This was my first 'proper' Edinburgh (the last being a last minute run in the last week of 2012) and it's gotten me hooked! Definitely signed up to the PBH ethos and would love to carry on performing in PBH fringes in the future. A tough slog if you don't grab it and get involved, but it has really set me up with fantastic reviews, contacts and - most importantly - friends for the future. So pleased to have met the people I did, and can't want to meet the ones I didn't.
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